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if you're not feeling the ht yet, get ready. we're in for the hottest day we've sn in the bay area in months. good afternoon everyone. i am michelle. >> and i am frank. we are in for one of the hottest days we have seen in the bay area in months, believe it or not. what are we seeing?
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the temperatures are still really hot! >> yes, if you can find a place to take refuge from the heat and enjoy the temperatures, get out there and enjoy it. it is getting very hot outside, so be careful. over the bay it is nice and clear, clear all the way to the coastline. the temperatures are soring already outside. 77 in oakland and 81 in san jose. the afternoons will be the hottest of the week, usually in the 70s and 80s. 102 in the valley, one of the hot spots. back to you. >> all right. thank you. well, it will only get hotter out there. we have more with those looking for relief from the heat. so many are, kate!
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>> reporter: that is right! you can see here there are plenty of activities going on at this cooling center. most cooling centers are senior or community centers or libraries that the city will designate as a place for people to cooloff and grab something to drink in unusually hot days. now that it is october and we are hitting triple digits, the coordinator tells me shis unusual. >> the usual in newark, it is warm, but with our indian summer, it gets hotter than normal. we are here for folk to drop in, come and cool down, do activities you normally do outside inside! >> reporter: now today neighbor cans enjoy pool tables, computer labs and a special movie showing with popcorn and plenty of other free snacks and water. my shell, this isn't one of --
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michelle, this isn't one of the only cooling centers in the east by the way. we have more information on the website at to see the other cooling centers in your neighborhood under the weather tab. >> that is good to know, kate. well, police in concord are trying to figure out whether the hot temperatures contributed to the death of an elderly woman. the 86-year-old disappear from the an adult care facility yesterday. her body was found two blocks away from a elementary school hours later. and the opening statement in a trial of a woman accused of murdering a 26-year-old michelle laye in a dispute over a boyfriend. we have more in oakland. >> reporter: yes. the opening statements are happening right now inside the alameda county courthouse. we have so far only heard from
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the prosecution. he told the jury that gisele estaba is guilty of the murder of michelle lay. the family was there wearing pins with her picture on them and listened as how giselle let her jealousy get out of control, how her former husband is spending too much time with her when they were, in fact, just friends. we heard recordings where estoban accused him of lying about the relationship and learned astoban stole a i.d. badge and saw phone records detailing dozens of calls and text to the hospital and we are now trying to see how he tried to get more information about when lay would get there.
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. >> reporter: that was her father there speaking. the courtroom was so full they had to send people out. the prosecutor was saying it was on may 27, 2011 when ford said he is to ban went to the hospital, waited in the parking garage, attacked lay, killed her and dumped her body. they did show graphic picture that is made many of the family members very upset, too upset to speak with us but would speak later on when more information was out. and now a man wanted in a mass shooting will appear in court, accused of killing
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seven people at oikos university. if convicted, he could get the death penalty. and crews are searching at this hour for two michiganing fishermen who left candlestick point early yesterday and headed out to the ocean, but the 23-foot boat capsized. a helicopter and otwo cutters are searching ocean waters and sheriff units are combing a long stretch of beaches in southern san mateo county. the two missing men were not wearing life jackets when a big wave hit their vessel credit morning. >> they were hit by a 15-foot wave that took them by surprise and knocked all four people in the water. once they were in the water they were getting pounded by additional waves. two made it to shore and two are still outstanding. >> the two who made it to shore had life jackets and reported the incident to the sheriff's
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office. so far there is no talk of calling off the search. the city of oakland and the oakland coliseum are apologizing for a late night raid that went well into sunday morning. people from oakland, alameda and sandy flooded police with complaints of the beyond wonderland event. in fact, they received so many calls they told residents to call the oakland dispatch instead. the wave lasting in 2:00 a.m. and drew 10s of thousands of people. and in afghanistan today, a man on a motorcycle rammed his bike into a joint afghanistan american patrol. the attack happened as service members walked through a market area. the taliban is claiming responsibility. the dead include the three american, an afghan translator and four police officers, as well as six civilians. we are two days away from the first of three presidential
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debates between mitt romney and president obama. tara mergener tells us both campaigns are now dialing down expectations. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney get their first chance to put their policies side by side this week. wednesday's debate at the university of denver will focus on domestic policy. >> what i am most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing. >> reporter: a new poll shows 56% of registered voters think the president will win the match up. he tried to lower expectations at a rally on sunday. >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who will have the best zinger and tut with most points on the board. governor romney is a good day bator. i am just. >> reporter: the president is staying in nevada to prepare for the debate and romney is heading to colorado today.
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new jersey chris christie said romney is capable of a good debate. >> this whole race will turn upsetdown come thursday morning. >> i don't think one event will make or break there campaign. >> reporter: romney is trailing in the polls in most must-win states and voters, he says, will see a clear choice wednesday night. tara mergener, cbs news, the white house. supreme court jumped into tricky issues in its first session of the fall. justices heard arguments over weather companies can be held responsible for human rights abuses in countries where they do business. a lawsuit against royal dutch petroleum said it was complicit and the high court said it will not hear a challenge against
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the use of full body scanners at airports. byob. we are not talking about a barbecue with beer here, either, the message being sent to people shopping in one bay area city. and we will tell you where to steer clear of the traffic messes, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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news that manufacturing grer the first time in four montn it's a . stocks are starting the 4th quarter on a big rally that manufacturing grew for the first month in the last four. the dow is up 91 points and some change. a good sign there. macy's says they plan to hire 80,000 workers for the
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holidays. the department store chain which also owns bloomingdales says the extra workers are needed for store operations and call centers and shipping centers for online orders. last month toys"r"us and pensacola also announce they had are adding -- coals announced they are -- kohl's announced they are adding half a million workers nationwide. honda says one fire on the honda accord has been reported. the hose need to be replaced in a recall. anyone who thinks a they may have a leak, take your car to a dealer. well, the carmageddon 2 was not so bad in los angeles. >> construction on interstate 405 finished hours ahead of schedule last night. here they are reopening it. the main project of the
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mulholland bridge was for the most part very calm. workers were able to get away just in the nick of time. >> good to hear. you may think it is carmageddon around san francisco this week. muni operates are warning people about events that will add transportation problems in the next few days. delays will be at the marina green for the cup series, so, extra people will be on the waterfront tomorrow through next monday. and golden gate will be crowded for hardly strictly bluegrass and a giants game this weekend at at&t park. >> it will be crazy. they are hosting the bills well, the there are arguments about commuters and
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bike riders that were allowed to have their bikes on the trains. there is a business therapeutic between those passengers that liked it and those that did not. that meeting will be coming up at 6:00 in oakland. well, from charges you could face if you forget to bring something to the store. we will tell you what it is, coming up. and we will see triple digit heat in the bay area. more on that next.
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. are you ready for a little hot weather? >> i am! >> you have been ignoring me all day long, but now is heat is in the kitchen! [ laughing ] well, it is heating up around the bay area. you have to enjoy it, though, because there aren't many days like this for the remainder of the fall. enjoy the beautiful weather in the san francisco bay. maybe special fishing in the water. a live shot for you right now. clear all the way to the golden gate. we are looking good as we sail into the afternoon. lots of sunshine. tonight, again, mostly clear and the temperatures will stay very, very mild, even through the midnight hour, we are probably looking at warm temperatures around the bay area. it is getting hot though in spots. 91 degrees in lind mother. 86 in san jose. 79 in oakland. and the ridge strengthening for one last day. probably the hottest day of the
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week. then it will start to weaken somewhat, the low starts deeing a little closer, bringing in more fog and cooling down the temperatures. 9 # in yosemite, 80 around the monterey bay. 95 in morgan hill. 93 in san jose, 93 in redwood city. and the hottest numbers are in the triple digits in the pleasanton, livermore, brentwood and napa bay valley areas. inside the bay, maybe as high at 86 in san francisco and 86 in oakland. not record-breakers but close enough. it will still be hot out there. tomorrow slightly cooler but staying on the hot side. late in the day we may pickup patchy fog along the san mateo coastline but the cooler weather doesn't come until thursday and friday next weekend. it will be much nicer then
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around the bay area. >> a lot of people like the cool weather, so, they will be happy with it. >> thank you. well, if you don't bring your own, you will buy it. the bag, that is. the san francisco plastic bag expanding. it will no longer be just the grocery stores. bring your own bag or pay for one. added to the list is retailer, bookstores and clothing stores. unless customers have a reusable bag, bull charged $0.10 perpaper bag. >> i leave me reusable bags in the trunk all the time and forget them. >> i buy a new one every time i am in. well, there has been a lot of debate in the past years other mammograms, who should get one and are they really necessary are i. >> yes. we have more about what we should know about this important medical test. >> reporter: october marks breast cancer awareness month and a lot of women are
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wondering is a mammogram the best way to detect breast cancer. the answer is yes. regular mammograms are still the best tests physicians use to find early pieces of breast cancer. in some situations town three years before a lump can be felt. according to guideline, women should have mammograms every two years after the age of 50. after 74 there is no need unless a woman is at high risk. if breast cancer runs in your family, your physician may suggest a mammogram before the age of 50. there are three types of mammograms. screening film mammography, digital mammography, and a ffdm and 3-d image. the techniques for performing all flee are the same. -- all three are the same. they record a image in a file on the computer. the device was approved by the f.d.a. last year.
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it is safe, use as low dose of radiation, although a little higher than the other, but can give an in-depth picture and used for women with dense breasts or those with abnormalitys in the past. it is recommended women talk to doctor to see which type of ma'amfy is the best for them. well, it is a boy for yahoo ceo marissa mayer. they welcomed the new baby just last night. they are both doing just fine. mayer became the new ceo of yahoo in july when she was six months pregnant. >> the mind and spirit and the soul. >> there we go. >> beautiful. well, here is a skate boarder. where she pictures. stay right there. >> and a reminder. if off consumer problem or question, call our hotline at
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. all right, that is right!
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time to save in the market on fresh and healthy ingredients. today we are talking beautiful juice oranges. these are beautiful and healthy. and broccoli. you can find broccoli on local specials this time of year for roughly $12.29 a bunch. that is a great deal. when you -- $1.29 a bunch. when you bring them home, take them out of the bag. they will last longer. and look at these, they are loaded with flavor. the tomatoes look like apples they are so good. best buys. eat fresh, save punched i am tony tantillo. chop! >> thank you, tony! well, skateboarders may want to keep an eye out for deer here, right? >> yes. check this out. this is a group of long
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boarders raying down a hill. a -- racing down a hill. well, a deer tries to run through. there it goes. it ends up colliding into the competitor. the good news is the skateboarder and deer are both okay, but wow, that was a little scary there! >> they were going 40 miles per hour. >> oh, my goodness. thank goodness everyone is okay. >> enjoy the heat!
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thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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